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CoSoSys and Secure it Easy

We are a company specialized in the development of software for portable storage device control and network endpoint security. Since 2004 we have offered to our clients efficient solutions, so they can safely and confidently run their activity, knowing their data is well protected.

As a result of the quality solutions provided, we are working now with companies like Suzuki, ABB or Deutsche Post and we were finalists for the “2009 Hot Companies Award” in the Network Products Guide, published in Silicon Valley.

“License to Hope” is our way of expressing our belief in education for youth as a source of progress for the world we live in.

Why do customers choose Secure it Easy?

Small and medium companies or home users choose Secure it Easy to protect themselves against data theft, data leakage and other USB device related risks.

Priceless information can be lost; viruses can very easily enter your network through USB Flash Drives, MP3 Players, iPods, digital cameras and other portable devices. All these can be prevented with Secure it Easy.

You get to choose which USB devices you allow to access your computers. No USB device will work inside your network, unless it is a trusted device you previously authorized as administrator.

Devices registry. A database of all USB devices connected to your PCs, authorized or not, is available to you anytime.

Email notification for unauthorized connection attempts. This function allows you to instantly know if an unauthorized USB device is trying to connect to one of your PCs.

Network “Offline” Capability. When a PC (e.g. a Notebook) is disconnected from the local network, the USB endpoint protection will remain active, working as configured. The e-mail notifications are send at the next network connection.

User friendly multilingual interface available in English, German, French, Hungarian and Romanian.

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