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Feedback on Secure it Easy software

Hello, dear supporters of the “License to Hope” campaign!

Today, we got a feedback email from one of our supporters and contributors. His name is John and he owns a small business, where he has a network of five computers. He contributed to our campaign hoping to help underprivileged children get a better education, and he also got a software solution to protect his computer against data theft.

He installed the Secure it Easy software on his computer, and here’s what he says about it:

“This software is perfect for my business’ needs. It solved two of the issues that worried me most: company data being stolen (no device can connect to my computer unless I authorize it, so nobody can steal my company data), and virus infection through portable devices (no virus gets into my computer because no unknown device can be connected without my approval). And I also feel very pleased for being able to help the children get computers and education.”

We’re happy to offer you the perfect solution for your needs, John!

And for all of you who wish to contribute to our campaign, please go to

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