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License to Hope

This is the official blog of the License to Hope campaign.

The purpose of this campaign is to help underprivileged children in Romania to have access to a better education regarding technology. We will be providing the children with 50 laptops and the education required for their proper use. The money will come from companies and individuals who are interested in protecting their data as well as helping these children.

If I am a company or an individual user and I want to support this campaign I can buy a license for Secure it Easy (the software application which prevents unauthorized use of devices and decreases the risk of data loss) and half of those money will be used to buy laptops for the children.

Two teams (CoSoSys and FRCCF) are working on this project. During the campaign we will post here periodical results. If you support us or you want to leave us any message you can do it through the contact mail or by leaving a comment here.

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2 Responses to “License to Hope”

  1. Roman says:

    I want to say thank you to everybody from the CoSoSys team and everybody else who is involved in the License to Hope campaign. Really great work and I have deep respect for the initiative.

    CEO CoSoSys

  2. Cristina says:

    This is a great initiative! Every child needs a good education and a computer is a great tool for them. Actually, it is indispensable in today’s world.
    I totally support your cause, I will contribute and promote it!

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