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Why do children want a computer

Hello dear supporters of License To Hope. We hope you had a great Easter with your families and friends.

We went last week to see some of the children at the foundation and we were really surprised on how energic,  joyfull and playfull they were.

We talked to some of them and among some questions we asked them why they want a computer through the License to Hope campaign. We selected some of their answers and we will publish each of them day by day for 1 week in our blog posts and Facebook, so that you have an idea of how the fact of having a computer and working on it is reflected through the children’s eyes and mind.

Vasilica, 10 years old says: ” I would want a computer for studying and chatting with other children on the internet. I would go on internet to find some of my friends , play and also communicate with my relatives from abroad and wish them good health when it’s holiday times”.

You can contribute directly through the License to Hope campaign.

It’s up to us to help them!

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